Have you ever felt like there is something wrong in the world? Not just the obvious, current political distress, but deeper – something amiss with how we as humans apply ourselves to living the “daily grind”? There is no shortage of criticism, judgment, superiority, and opinions as to what may be wrong, and what should be done. We are quick to impose ourselves on our neighbor – if only “they” would “get their act together“. However, upon close examination, there are few viable solutions that could be applied equally to all people which would lead to a bit less discord and enmity. Perhaps a consideration of balance between Honesty & Compassion would be a good start. Hopefully, this website will offer some alternative thoughts. It all starts with a minor shift in perspective, typically an attitude correction that opens the realm of possibility.

One in the Wilderness

Ever since early childhood, I have been exposed to the outdoors. Indeed, it’s been in my family for several generations. To this day, there is a part of myself that comes to life when outdoors.  Even though life has led me to have a residence in a city, albeit one of the better cities that I’ve experienced, I plan, and can not wait, for my next outing in the woods. For the last few years, backpacking has been the major activity. My “Holy Grail” is to find and savor the experience of Nature where there is no human-generated sound. It is a remarkable experience, leading one to be “One in the Wilderness”, not concerned with past drama or future anxiety. Even if the experience is sustained for a few short hours, it provides a solace and refuge that endures. From that place comes the “Voice of One in the Wilderness”.


This website is the “blog” of Bob Carnaghi, who currently lives in Austin, Texas.  The content reflects a collection of musings and pondering thoughts that are influenced by a wide variety of sources, particularly Nature, Buddhism, Taoism, and common sense. The core inspiration of this website comes from an innate and unquenchable thirst to connect with Nature in its most pristine environment and state.


Burying the Hatchet

I’m convinced that the key to being successful at backpacking is a two step proposition: keep the pack light, and keep the belly full. It is simply said, but it is not always easy in practice. In terms of what goes in the pack, there are four broadly defined categories: a) shelter and bedding, b) …

Panther’s Den

A hint of what the day was to hold could be sensed when I first went outside the tarp at about 4:00 AM. It was pitch black, and looking upward, where there had been numerous and brilliant stars just a few hours before, there was now nothing. It wasn’t the kind of ‘nothing’ that is …

The Zero Day

Bella and I came to an excellent stopping place in a remote location atop a hill, and took a “zero day”. In hiking circles, this means that there is no mileage made, it’s a day of rest and recuperation. Even though we were still working into our “trail legs”*, we needed – and deserved – …