I have a friend. Rarely, perhaps never, have I known a more devoted friend than this. Our involvements are many, and varied. Despite our numerous differences, my friend remains a true friend. Indeed, our friendship transcends our differences, and we are friends despite our differences. My friends name is Loyalty.

We have not always been such good friends. This relationship was slow to begin, and trust was not granted quickly. Now, today, after many years of differing and agreeing, this friendship still comes fresh and new each time we talk. Many times we have cleared the dust and debris which clutters the field of battle. Many times, looking across the field as the smoke clears, we have seen others who have fallen by the wayside to crash and burn irreparably. Many are the evenings we have sat together, warmed by the fire, and talked of our previous conquests and failures. And many are the days that we do not agree, that we do not concur.

There are many who do not claim this person’s friendship. There are some who would not have this person as a friend. The life history and involvements of this person could easily be scrutinized and criticized. Several have ostracized this person. However, I have never felt a moment of condescension.

Contrary to what appears an illogical course of friendship, we remain friends. Perhaps the strength of our bond is fused by the degree of our differences. Perhaps we remain friends only because of a desire to remain friends. Loyalty has taught me how to differ and still remain friends. It is with Acceptance and Forgiveness.

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