Sending Hope Through a Wormhole

I’ve been going to a small meditation group that meets once each week. It’s a nice, quaint setting that is conducive to intimacy. I’m relatively new to the group, still getting to know the people there.

Today we met, and one of the people walked in and said “I’m feeling a little ‘tentative’. Right now, in Washington, the James Comey inquiry is taking place.” It was an interesting statement, in that the “envelope” that we create during our sit together often feels protective from external matters. Her statement was very astute, though, in that there’s no doubt that most of the people in the US were very aware of this inquiry and the weight it could have on the course of political issues.

At any rate, I had to think about both sides of this situation. We, in Austin, Texas, in a nice, protective bubble establishing ourselves in a state of awareness and inclusion. Conversely, a powerful group of people over 2,000 miles away establishing themselves within a serious state of probing and conflict. Is there any way these two ends of the spectrum could possibly reconcile each other?

As we sat, the following bubbled up through my thought process:

I hope that they, in that space, can can be affected by us, in this space the way that we, in this space, are affected by them in that space.

We’re hoping for a peaceful resolution.

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