The Road of Intention

I stand alone. I am without defense. I can hear voices that I vaguely recognize. I feel a sense of determined doom, damned to do and damned to do not. They are afraid, and they know they must move forward. They struggle for the right path.

I stand in the middle. I am marginalized on all sides, an alien among the alienated. I seek acceptance and normalization. I receive threat and scorn at every turn. I struggle for recognition, I thirst for the right way to receive.

I stand on the edge. We have been wronged and we are persecuted and we can tolerate no more. In desperation I have done much wrong and caused irreparable harm. In the twisted wreckage I slither away from right and cloak myself in darkness.

I stand on no ground. There is nowhere to turn, and the familiar search for the right thing to do fades and recedes all around me. All those I love have left me to the inevitable eternity of the fate that I have created. The cloak of my search to do the right thing is a thin and fading veil of illusion. I only intended to do the right thing, I only know damnation.

Dedicated to the memory of Joe Carnaghi (1890-1931)
“May his struggle serve to illumine our path.”

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